Top Tips To Play Crusaders of Light Like A Pro

The world of fantasy has always been close to all of our hearts. We’ve all grown up reading ghost stories and sharing spooky stories around the campfire. We’ve all read different novels with supernatural creatures and dressed up as some of them for Halloween. It wasn’t long before the world of fantasy made its way into our video games.

Crusaders of Light is one such game where the player is supposed to use skills to finish dungeon raids, go on different adventures and perform different tasks to defeat the evil demons in this game.


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There are several freedoms awarded to a player in this game. Due to these choices and complex backstories, one may be wary of the game at first. They might feel overwhelmed with the different choices offered to them. This is why new players need to get a grip on the game and follow some advice that is important for all players in Crusaders of Light.

Tips for Crusaders of Light

Mix your Skills

A player needs to develop one skill and master it to get new upgrades. However, this does not imply that you should limit yourself to one skill. You need to mix and match new skills to get maximum output and figure out a more effective way to use your resources and energy while being able to defeat the enemy faster.

Change Paths

Each of the three different characters in Crusaders of Light, namely Ranger, Warrior, Mystic have unique skill sets that can be chosen to make the best toolkit for your endeavour. Use your talent points to increase effectiveness.

Complete Daily Activities

It is important to complete your daily activities and running dungeons. You also need to perform all your reputation tasks to unlock rewards. Being able to finish all your daily tasks will earn you the maximum amount of points per day. This is why this is an important practice to follow.

Use Auto-navigation

It is not convenient to squint at the screen and try to figure out what direction to move in. It is tedious and might harm your gameplay. The best way to navigate your way through the map is to use the auto-navigate feature that can be considered as your GPS in the game.

Dungeons are the Jackpot Spots

The best and the most effective way to collect loot in this game is to snag new loot form the dungeons. This will help you level up faster during the game and you will also earn bonus experience points for the first two times you run into each dungeon.

With these tips in mind, it will become much easier to navigate your way through the game and gain more experience and rewards.

Crusaders of Light is one of the best games that allow players to explore a lot of different avenues at the same time. So go ahead and try them today!