Guide To Classes And Paths In Crusaders of Light

In Crusaders of Light, there are five classes and each class has its three paths, which can make it a little difficult to choose the main class. You have to go with the one that can be more fun as well as useful as per the potential guilds and raiders.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of these classes and their respective paths, which will help you to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the right class as well as the main path.


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Ranger Class – Its path includes Scout, Forest Guide, and Animal Tamer.

Warrior Class – Its path includes Executioner, Gladiator, and Fang of Titanus.

Mystic Class – Its path includes Verity Spirit, Magellana’s Judgement, and Shepherd.

Paladin Class – The paths of this class include Templar, Paladin of Dawn, and Paladin of Daylight.

Elementalist Class– The paths of this class are Pyromancer, Cryomancer, and Conjuror.

Ranger Class

This class act like bread and butter with some support abilities and involves a long-range physical damage dealer. This class ensures to bring huge damage and even death to its victim. Once you reach level 20, you can choose from its three paths to damage your enemies in a short time.

Scout Path – No other class is capable of bringing damage than this scout path. When in PvE, you can choose scout path when you want to melt your enemies.

Forest Guide Path – This path is effective in binding and dazing enemies. If you want to bring maximum nuisance in PvP, you can choose Forest Guide path.

Animal Tamer Path – It serves as the support path for Ranger and is the best choice in PvE and must be used for raids later in the game.

Mystic Class

Mystic is the healer of Crusaders of Light and is highly capable of producing magic damage as the supporter. You can choose from its three paths after reaching level 20 and can become a Mage to cause huge damage to the enemies or a heal slave. Keep in mind that not all of its paths are dedicated healers.

Verity Spirit Path – This path is not only effective in healing but also has decent AoE damage. It is useful in PvP situations due to its high mobility and some AoE damage.

Magellana’s Judgement Path – This hybrid path is more effective healer than Verity Spirit. Based on suppression skills, this path is feasible for both PvE and PvP situations.

Shepherd Path – A complete healing path having a main focus on keeping all teammates alive and is suitable for PvE, not much reliable in PvP.

Warrior Class

It is the melee physical fighter class, where warriors are able to maximize the damage or tank raids based on the path they have chosen. When reaching level 20, warriors can do more damage or become hybrid builds.

Executioner Path – This path depends on the critical hits with skills and is the best for the heavy-hitting monster. It is not suitable for either PvP or PvE situations.

Gladiator Path – This path is the only option for tank and is the best option for PvE situations.

Fang of Titanus Path – This path depends on the continuous area of effect damage and is good to deal with PvP situations.

Apart from these classes, we have Parandin and Elemenalist classes as well. Hope this guide will help you a lot in learning about classes and paths in Crusaders of Light.