Best Alternatives to Crusaders of Light

The time may come when you feel like getting bored with playing one game again and again and looking for something new gameplay to try your skills on it. When we talk about Crusaders of Light, you can find the number of similar games which not only allows you to try your gaming skills but also work great in enhancing and learning new skills.

Some of the alternatives to Crusaders of Light are somewhat similar to this game, while some offers you more exciting functions and options to gain better gaming experience. So, let’s go through some of the best alternatives to Crusaders of Light.


Alternatives of Crusaders of Light

Guild of Heroes

Guild of heroes has everything which a player always expects in a fantasy RPG game. Here, you get a chance to explore this game as wizard, bowman or knight. The hundreds of combinations are available to craft medieval weapons and armors to have a strong battle against other guilds.


The huge and color game world is not just the fairy tales of mystical dragons and dungeons, it also involves the battle against the magician guilds controlled by other players.


This MOBA style gameplay revolves around over 15 champions where it offers a wide range of options to enjoy this game to the fullest. The game has multiple features that make it one of the best choices when looking for alternatives to Crusaders of Light. These include real-time 5X5 battles, multiple game modes, selection of your desired Paladin character and others. It also allows you to build your superior team tactics to take out your enemies.


Daybreak Legends: Origin

This is a 3D MMO role-playing game that enables you to get satisfying combat experience by fighting against the enemies in a huge world. Here, you jump into the battle through epic raids, challenge your friends in different matches, fight with dragons in midair battle. This gameplay has many things to offer to give you more entertainment and thrilling experience than Crusaders of Light.


Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution is another similar role-playing game as Crusaders of Light that gives quality visuals, huge world, and numerous PvP battles. It ensures to give players the stunning and full-featured MMO role-playing game, giving them an opportunity to battle with other 199 players in real-time. You can team up with strangers or can create clans with friends to overcome dungeons and monsters. You can also compete with millions of players around the world in competitive battles.

Dragon Project

In this gameplay, the main goal is to battle with dragons and monsters who have taken controls on the kingdom. You have to gather your allies and fight together in real-time. The game also allows you to craft powerful weapons and armor with the help of materials collected from your enemies. Simply jump into this action-packed adventure gameplay and hunt dragons and monsters, and get the maximum fun with just your fingers.

Next time, when you look for something similar to Crusaders of Light, you can try these alternatives to have more fun.